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New Pool Construction

Get Started

You want the best for your family and Brother's Pool Company can help you achieve that with a custom pool to suit your families needs. Let our experts help you design the perfect size, layout, and the essentials needed to create a backyard oasis your family will enjoy for years and years. We know you have questions, so let us give you a general breakdown of the process to create the perfect pool for you.

Step One: Design

You have an idea of what you want, but how do you make that dream into reality?  Our experts will take time to listen to your ideas, goals, and objectives. They will then view your property, make necessary alterations to your initial design, and ensure that the plan fits your expectations. Once a final plan has been agreed upon, we will talk through the cost breakdown and payment plan. As the homeowner, you will be responsible for all necessary permits and homeowner's association approval. All permit's must be in hand before construction begins. Next step...

Step Two: Schedule

It is everyone's goal to have you take your first leap into your own cool refreshing pool as quickly as possible, but Mother Nature can sometimes cause delays. You will receive a tentative start date and will be updated within two weeks of the start of your pool construction. That is the time to communicate any changes you would like, concerns you may have, and to finalize your liner and pool cover choices. You will also be reminded to call Dig Rite's 811 number to make sure we can properly dig your pool. Once again, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and when the stars align, a pool can be completed very quickly, but please allow some grace for delays if they occur. 

General time frame for dirt work to your first toes in the water can be approximately two weeks! On to the Next Step...

Step Three: The Build

Familiar with the term " It has to get worse before it gets better"?

The process is not pretty but the end results will be STUNNING!


We begin by laying out the shape and digging the hole slightly bigger than the size of your pool. **To ensure the safety of your family and friends, please do not allow anyone near the edge of your pool from this point on.**. Any delays or extra dirt removal incurred due to a cave in will be at the homeowner's expense.

Once the hole has been dug, additional trenches will be dug to begin installing the pipe and plumbing necessary to "rough out" your water lines and conduit needed for electrical. All trenching and holes created to plumb the pool will be filled in immediately upon completion.

After the pool has all the necessary plumbing and electrical we will place steel wall panels to create the solid pool structure. You will begin to see your pool finally take shape! Steps will be added in and the pool floor will be graded to achieve the desired depth. We will be working hard on installing any extra water features, lights, drains, filters, and so on. We are getting close!

What's the next step?

Step Four: Finishing

Your pool is just about completed!

 Our crew will be focusing on the final hook up of water, electric, and ensuring everything is in order before the concrete trucks come to deliver the "mud" that will become your amazing pool deck. Once again we ask that you do not allow friends, family, or pets near your newly poured concrete deck. Concrete replacement can add time and additional cost to your build. The concrete will take a few days to cure and once solid enough to walk on we will be able to place your custom made liner in place while slowly filling with water.

The crew will be taking the time to clean up the construction area, smooth out any other soil disturbances, and gathering any trash that may have accumulated during construction. 

Depending on the season and weather conditions, the first run through of your pools mechanical elements may be delayed until the possibility of freezing has past. This will be the first time your pool is "opened". Brother's Pool Company can schedule your winter "closing" and you will be contacted in the years to come to maintain the opening and closing schedule at your convenience. 

And now the final step!

Step Five: Jump In!

The hardest part will be deciding who gets to jump in first! We recommend that you test your pool's water chemical needs on a weekly basis to ensure your families comfort and safety for years to come. Feel free to contact us for any maintenance needs, questions, or concerns, and of course to schedule your yearly opening and closing dates. 

Enjoy your new backyard oasis and share the love of  Brother's Pool Company when you share photos or videos on your social media accounts. Your positivity helps us grow!

Finally, from all of us at Brother's Pool Company...


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